At the next “Save The Countryside” meeting on 7th March, Martin Horwood (MP for Cheltenham) will be present, as well as Mark Calway who heads up Laurence Robertson’s Office (MP for Tewkesbury). This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to ask them directly about the development plans.

Please come to the meeting at 6pm on Friday 7th March at the Municipal Offices on the Promenade in Cheltenham. We want you all to provide questions for the MPs. Here are selection of the questions we have so far. Please add any questions you have by entering a comment (click the coloured comment text at the bottom of this post)

1. Why has this development has been done in an underhand way?

2. Why isn’t Lawrence Robertson here as responsible for Tewkesbury and this is critical – can you assure us that this is a priority issue?

3. Flood risk: Based on the predications of more rainfall and the fact that the area seems to be surrounded by the 1 in 100 year flood risk area – how can it be possible to cover the soak away green area in concrete?
4. When the environmental impact assessment is done Can your MP ensure that correct amount of time is specifically dedicated to working on it as a priority task?

5. Why is the regional development agency not accountable to local people?

6. How are you going to support us politically on this cause?

7. What is the point of greenbelt land?

8. The development would be straight over a public footpath – how can we ensure we don’t loose this way of life?

9. What is the governments track record for predicting housing needs accurately?