This Council notes the intention in the draft Regional Spatial Strategy to impose a target of 12,500 extra homes on the Cheltenham area up to 2026, including a proposed “urban extension” of 4,000 houses between Swindon Village and Uckington. It also notes the recommendation of the examining panel to increase the target to 13,800 homes in the Cheltenham area, including 5,000 homes in the “urban extension”.

This Council notes that the Council’s recent expression of interest in “growth points” status would, if accepted by the Government, require these housing targets to be met by 2016 rather than 2026.

As such, this Council:

  • Pledges itself to oppose the RSS figures
  • Supports those opposed to the urban extension
  • Instructs our officers to resist these plans, and commends members to do likewise.
  • Resolves to object to the panel recommendations for an increase in housing should the Secretary of State be minded to accept them, and
  • Agrees to make the views of the Council known to the RDA and Government.

Proposed by Cllr John Webster.

Seconded by Cllr Steve Jordan