If you are not familiar with all the activities going on at Wingmoor Farm, I recommend you visit www.swardbishopscleeve.co.uk, and in particular – Local waste sites- which will give you some idea what is going on over there.

If you, like us, live within 1/2 km of the site it is very worrying. We have been actively attending the liaison and protest meetings for a few years.
We have had horrendous problems with flies, and all through the summer we liaise with CORY/DEFRA who come weekly to analysize our flies.

Since last September, we have had awful problems with the LANDFILL GAS, and only this morning I rang the Environment Agency because it was so bad.(The representative from Swindon Village assures us that they do no smell the gas there) People in Prestbury and Brockhampton can, and we’ve smelt it right into Cheltenham.