The meeting on Friday night was attended by 75 people, and a number of ideas came out of it. It is clear that both the MPs are very opposed to the RSS. We need to work to make sure that local Council’s are.
  1. MPs on an all Gloucestershire level to coordinate opposition to RSS – JW to write letter to Martin Horwood et al thanking him for attendance on Friday to initiate this.
  2. Council’s to think about referendum or poll on the issue.
  3. ‘Save the Countryside’ to to register where people stand on the RSS issue and current major housing proposals
  4. During the period after the Sec of State has published the final RSS for public consultation – a series of activities to be organised by ‘Save the Countryside’. This to be major item on the agenda of the next meeting.
  5. All Local Authorities to be pressed to take a stance against RSS.
  6. One of the demands is that Ministers must take into account the Pitt report on flooding before decisions are made.
  • Our next meeting is on 23rd April at 6.00pm at the Municipal Offices Cheltenham
  • On 17th March at CBC Council meeting (2.30pm Municipal Offices) a motion will be put to the Council opposing the RSS. Officers are deadly opposed to this and are making dire threats against us.
  • On 25th March Swindon Village Parish Assembly will meet to discuss the issue.
  • People to continue lobbying Councillors (especially in Tewkesbury), collecting petitions, delivering leaflets etc. In particular, to refer people to the website ‘
  • Elections are coming up in Cheltenham and candidates need to be put on the spot regarding where they stand on this issue.