In December 2007 the council voted on a motion opposing “Growth Points”. See here how councillors voted. The vote is recorded at the bottom of page 41 and the top of page 42.

To summarise how the political groups voted:

  • All Lib Dem councillors voted for the motion (i.e. against the growth points bid)
  • Almost all the Conservatives voted against the motion (i.e. supporting growth points). The honourable exception was Cllr. Robin MacDonald, who abstained.
  • For the PABs, Peter Allen voted with the Lib Dems, but all the other PABs supported the Conservatives.

Its understandable that the Conservatives opposed the motion, given that they signed the Council up to the Growth Points expression of interest in the first place, but unfortunately if it hadn’t be for the PAB attitude the vote would have been won and the Council would have disassociated itself from the Growth Points bid.