CPRE Figures

Government Target is 240,000 homes per year = 3m by 2020.
Regional Spatial Strategies provide for 203,000 pa.
Current rate 180,000 pa, highest for 15 year. Equals 21 sq mile.
Affordable home 10% of this.
There are 670,000 more homes than households in Britain, not all in good repair (however treasury figures say only 300,000 empty for over 6 months).
255,000 families have second homes.
Housing density 2001 was 20-25 per hectare. 2006 was 40. CPRE recommend 50.
Percent homes on previously developed land or conversion =74%
Previously developed land available for housing = 62,700 hectares
Of this 27,600 ha suitable for housing = over 1m homes at 40 per ha.
Developers hold plots for 341,000 homes.

The Barker Report

Many of these figures come from the Barker report of 2005. Her report is based on the ODPM statistic which shows 190,000 more households forming per year to 2021. Reasons given: Longer life expectancy, different family basis (marital breakup etc), no mention made of immigration.

Have not yet found how ODPM figures derived. CPRE do not say. Cant find basis on any annual growth figure.