The Gloucestershire branch of Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) have published a response to the draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West Examination in Public (EiP) Panels Report. The panels recommendations will feed into changes made to the draft RSS due for public consultation. The full response is here. It make the following important points :-

  • Urban extensions should only be considered when all major brownfield sites have been exhausted (The draft RSS proposes parallel development on greenfield and brownfield sites).
  • The CPRE believe that housing targets rely in too high estimates of economic growth and population increases and to low estimates of housing occupancy. Plus the fact that many of the assumptions are unreliable particularly given the predictions are for 20 years in the future. The Panel recommends a 40% increase in housing over the draft RSS!
  • The Panel is very complacent in flooding believing that the areas considered are not at risk from flooding and more detailed assessment should be left to Local Development Frameworks (LDFs).

Also see the CPRE – Gloucestershire Branch Website.