The Pitt Review was published by Sir Michael Pitt on Wednesday, 25th June, 2008. See here for the Cabinet Office Pitt Report Webpage where you can find the full report and a press release (bottom of page) which contains some key quotes from the full report. This report is relevant in determining the approach taken by planners when considering house building in areas at risk from flooding.

Unfortunately (although I haven’t yet read the report in detail) I gather from a debate in the House of Commons that some MPs are not happy with the report, see some questions posed by Martin Horwood (Cheltenham MP) and Laurence Roberson (Tewkesbury MP) to Hilary Benn (Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)here and here. It is also worth reading the rest of the debate.

However. The goverment Planning Portal Site says Pitt urges tougher development control in high flood-risk areas. Here’s some quotes:

The report voiced strong backing for current planning policy set out in Planning Policy Statement 25, which says there should be a presumption against building in high flood-risk areas, taking into account all sources of flood risk.

mmm. I see it doesn’t say you shouldn’t build in high flood-risk areas, and

Where it is necessary to construct buildings in high-risk areas to meet wider aims of sustainable development, PPS25 requires developers to fund necessary flood defence and mitigation works.


Pitt’s report has argued that the automatic right to connect surface water drainage of new developments to the sewerage system should be removed.

so may be in does help discourage building in this area, perhaps due to increased cost, but the reality will depend on the enforcement of the recommendations in the report.