The local greenbelt between Swindon, Uckington, Elmstone Hardwicke and as far as Brockhampton could be desecrated and lost forever.

It will be replaced with a huge building site for the next 20 years, eventually merging the villages until the space is filled with 5000 dwellings and businesses – as well as creating a myriad of other issues you get with about 12,000 extra residents and extra businesses (and their cars)!

If you think this is wrong then you must let people know.
Please come and join everyone else at the public meeting organised by our Parish Council.

Swindon Village School
Wednesday 27th August

Tracey Crews (Strategic Land Use Manager) and Toby Clempson (Planning Policy Manager) will give a presentation of the proposals in the RSS and explain our best options for making objections to it.

There will be plenty of local people there to whom you can ask questions you may have and who can give guidance on what actions to take.

We have just a few weeks of public consultation before final decisions will be made!

We look forward to seeing you there