Michael Donnelly, PlanningResource, 27 August 2008

A report has warned that housebuilders are jeopardising the UK’s green agenda by cutting green technologies to cut costs.

Window supplier VELUX says the slowdown in the UK property market is posing a serious threat to the UK’s zero-carbon targets and hindering further development of eco technologies.

VELUX says that many housebuilders are being forced to cut costs and as a result, eco technologies are one of the first things go.

Kevin Brennan, head of sustainability, VELUX, said: “While cutting back on the use of eco technologies might provide a short term solution to reducing costs, it is a short sighted view and makes a mockery of the government’s zero carbon target.

“Understandably in the current climate, certain developers will be looking to cut costs, but ignoring the benefits of incorporating eco technologies could have disastrous, long-term consequences.

“If simple eco technologies such as solar thermal became integrated into all new homes, the reduction in the UK’s carbon emissions would be considerable. Further still, the unit cost to manufacture these technologies would fall, making such technologies more affordable and more accessible for all concerned.”