As promised the new Lib Dem-Conservative government has now scrapped the Regional Spatial Strategies. Hooray!!

Find the announcement here.

And in the last day or so Cheltenham Borough Council has also reflected this change in the joint Cheltenham-Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy. The JCS was forced to be broadly in line with the RSS so by design it is flawed if the RSS no longer holds. CBC now says

The proposal to abolish the RSS provides an opportunity for the JCS to support local determination in terms of housing and employment need. We will be able to progress this work once guidance is provided by the Government.


Mella McMahon
Corporate Head of Borough Development
Tewkesbury Borough Council
Gloucester Road
GL20 5TT

The stakeholder meetings for the JCS will go ahead imminently. STC representative(s) will be formally involved in the process.

Does this mean we’ve won?

Well, Yes and No! We’ve achieved a huge success now that the RSS is scrapped. It means that housing targets will not be imposed on us from central government. However, they will now be determined by local consultation. If we all keep quiet and let it happen massive new housing development could go ahead anyway. But we now have much more hope to stop them since we are fighting the local council which is more on our side and which has to consult with us, rather than central government.