At a recent committee meeting for Save the Countryside, Steve Jordan of Cheltenham Borough Council briefed us on recent developments. Two points in particular are worth mentioning. The first is that delivery of the Joint Core Strategy had been put back to allow it to better meet the requirements of government development policy which is only now starting to be issued. As a result the JCS will not be put before council for initial review before September after which it will be issued for consultation. This is the point at which we may need assistance in writing to refute any points with which we disagree. In particular we do know that the JSS will include a review of the green belt(s) and this could prove very contentious, depending, of course, on what it decides.
The second point Steve made is that urban Cheltenham has space for about 2000 houses in unused sites, that is to say within current boundaries. It has always been Save the Countryside’s view that these should be used before any inroads are made into green fields both from the point of view of saving the green fields and so as provide regeneration within the town in some areas which badly need it.