The Joint Core Strategy consultation has now closed. I hope you were able to respond in time.

We produced a 16 page response which is available here: JCS consultation response from Save the countryside. Here is a Summary of our recommendations:

Save The Countryside propose Option A with conditions and amendments as follows:

  • The Greenbelt boundary must not be changed for the convenience and higher profit margins of developers.
  • Development on Brownfield land first in all cases –with a clear focus on urban regeneration the sequential test must be used
  • We must not lose our local food production land
  • Absolutely no development on existing greenbelt land in phase 1.
  • A further review to be under taken of housing demand no later than 2021 considering the current economic environment
  • No development on green field sites to be done without proven flood protection methods in place for new homes and any existing homes adjoining the new developments
  • Inclusion of windfall development in all housing calculations
  • Councils should control the type of housing built by developers according to local need. Housing developments must include the size and type of housing that is most required to include low cost / affordable housing and social housing.
  • A full infrastructure review is undertaken with particular focus to the opening of the M5 junction 10 as a two way junction.
  • Fulfil the criteria set out in JCS Clause 4.13 Increase access to jobs/services (via sustainable transport modes) to benefit the existing communities prior to any new developments taking place. Any future developments should not take place until an expansion of these measures has been constructed in readiness to support all future developments on a phase by phase basis and NOT on a site by site basis.