The STC annual walk last week was very well attended and enjoyed this year with a turn out of over 60 people. The weather was very pleasant (hadn’t quite hit the too hot, we’ve all had enough of this now stage yet!). Tim and Dagmar Courtney helped provide the start point tent with information. Helen gave a short update on the current situation, in summary there were a huge number of comments on the Joint Core Strategy overwhelming for option A, for no building on greenbelt and greenfields. STC put a huge amount of work into our response but things are delayed (as usual!) and there is no news yet – and, hopefully, no news is good news. Anne, Mike Griffiths and helpers provided the usual refreshments at the half way point in Elmstone Hardwicke and Helen Wells, Alice and helpers, provided refreshments at the end in Swindon Village and more, as I left the hot tub had just come up to temperature.

One concerning note was a 19 year old women who collapsed at the side of the road in Elmstone Harwicke, she had recently come out of hospital and was in quite some pain. Some people attended to her and Mike Griffiths (I think) took her to A&E. If anyone know how she is please comment below.

This year I was without children so no dragging, carrying or copious encouragement was required and I got round in record time. There were no ‘friendly’ cows to contend with either this year though a fist size rocky was accidently thrown into a group of walkers by a friend of ours, but fortunately it narrowly missed us! I hope to repeat the walk again next year and as long as possible. Thanks to all those hard working organisers!

Please enjoy the pictures below.

Adrian Skilling