The Echo published the following article yesterday. It appears that the councilors have scrapped the resolutions Leglag and Save The Countryside fought so hard to get the councils to accept. This includes investigating the evidence for lower housing figures provides the LegLag and STC. It shows that the councils choose to take absolutely no notice of local people in the JCS consultation, the overwhelming majority who voted to protect the greenbelt and build fewer houses. I’m saddened, gutted and ashamed by my local politicians. Any faith I had in them has been lost. They do not represent us.

Housing crisis must be solved by working together, councillors told

by The Gloucester Echo, Monday 15 Oct 2012

COUNCILLORS have been warned that there is ‘no Plan B’ to working with neighbouring councils in solving the area’s housing crisis.

Members of Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) voted in favour of going back on controversial decisions they made just a month ago.

Gloucester and Tewkesbury Councils had suggested the future of the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) document, which will state where and how many houses should be built, was in doubt after Cheltenham passed recommendations in September that had not been agreed with the two partner authorities.

But CBC chief executive Andrew North told a members’ meeting at the Municipal Offices tody: “I think the truth of the matter is that there isn’t a Plan B as such.”

After a lengthy debate, council members agreed to withdraw the offending resolutions in an effort to ensure the future of the JCS.