Latest news. It’s happening. A planning application is expected soon for 4500 house for the Cheltenham NW urban extension.
 Cheltenham Council confirmed in the 28th Match that Bloor and Persimmon plan to submit THE application in July for the NW urban extension (beside Swindon Village and Tewkesbury Road). We think this date has been very carefully chosen.
  • so, AFTER the JCS preferred options (I WONDER what those are going to be!)
  • so, BEFORE the JCS is finalised and
  • so BEFORE our five year +20% housing land availability is safely sorted out and
  • so when anything ‘sustainable’ will be fair game
The developers will probably be hoping that the lack of the local plan (the JCS) will give them a presumption that the answer to ‘sustainable’ (appalling misuse of the term!) development is YES – the government has said as much. But, this is still green belt at the moment, which the government has also stated it will protect.
This is a key time for our fight to stop this building. Its been a great success to delay it this long, but now its crucial that we work hard to stop it, delay it further, get it staged or reduce its impact. We must do whatever we can. We will be calling on your help shortly.