The hard working core STC group meet up roughly once a month at Council chambers Promenade, Cheltenham. Dates:

TBC – Monday, 7 April at 6 pm
Wednesday, 9 April at 2.30 pm

We also meet at Trails End, at 7.30pm, dates are:

Thursday 27th Feb
Thursday 20th March
Thursday 24th April
Thursday 15th May
Thursday 12th June


JCS  Preferred Option consultation   September to November 2013 for a minimum six weeks

Pre-submission                       Scheduled Spring 2014

Submission to Secretary of State   Scheduled Autumn 2014


Bloor & Persimmon planning application  expected in line with JCS preferred option

The main task collecting information on the Elms Park (it has a name now!) Proposal for 4500 houses to the NW of Cheltenham.

2 Responses to “Key Dates”

  1. roland lazarus Says:

    It is short sighted to lose our countryside for houses for people who could move to an area whose population is falling. 132 local authorities’ had fewer people this year than last. Vacant properties should be used before the fields are lost forever.

  2. eric Says:

    Stop being NIMBY’s. The farmers make little to no money from their land, the ‘locals’ are only interested in protecting their house prices and views and the vast vast majority of normal people WANT developments like this as they offer a way for us mere mortals (who didn’t grow up/live in booming house prices when you brought for 20k and sold for 200k!!) to buy a nice place to live. We don’t want little blocks of housing on your tiny brown sites. We want to be near the outskirts to you know! You are just being very selfish and very short sighted.

    Think about the majority and not the minority.. The best thing for the local economy, sports clubs, social clubs is for these to ALL be built as quickly as possible and setting up local facilities for these people to use and get them part of the town.

    I read your sites purely because I can’t believe how short sighted and arrogant you are over things like this ‘keep our farm land’… No.. farmers don’t want to keep it!! It’s hard work for very little reward!

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